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Try out the CollegeAppRoadMap Mini-Course!

What is the CollegeAppRoadMap?

The CollegeAppRoadMap is a six-module online training program designed for soon-to-be high school seniors AND parents as you gear up for college applications this fall. There are 3 main objectives:

  1. Building a balanced list of colleges that will ensure a healthy range of options;
  2. Developing insights into colleges’ offerings to make the most informed choices about academic, social, and financial fit;
  3. Crafting applications and college essays that stand out as positive, polished, and authentic to admissions committees.


How is it different from every other college prep program out there?

Let’s face it: high school college counseling departments are often so overburdened and understaffed that the guidance they can provide is minimal…at best.

Private college counseling can be tremendously expensive.

And with all the chatter, anxiety, and information overload, where do you turn for help?

The CollegeAppRoadMap is the only program designed for both parents and students that provides one place for families to learn about colleges and build your best applications — at the pace that best fits your busy schedule.


So how does it work?

Because of its format, the CollegeAppRoadMap is the perfect way for you to take this process at your own pace, no matter what else is going on in your life this summer and fall.

Students: you’ll watch short training videos and complete companion exercises, building your applications piece by piece.

Parents: you follow along with guidelines on how to support your kid at each stage of the process.

You can then turn to the college counseling Facebook group for professional advising and expert support from Nick Soper (that’s me!).


What’s your background, Nick Soper?

I’m an independent college counselor and the founder of Creative College Prep. I graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Creative Writing, and I’ve been a writing coach since my Northwestern days and an SAT/ACT tutor for 10+ years.

When I decided to get into this work, I took the UCLA Extension College Counseling Certificate course and completed my practicum in the College & Career Center at Santa Monica High School.

If you’d like to get a better feel for me, check out my bio here, some of the college-prep videos I’ve created here or here, or check out my TEDx talk from March 2016 about the heroic journeys in your own life.


Anything else we need to know?

YES: there are bonuses!

On top of the videos, companion worksheets, and Facebook group, families will receive how-to guides, resource lists, & done-for-you templates.

Whether you are just getting started on your college journey or are looking for ways to dive even deeper into making the perfect future for yourself after high school, the CollegeAppRoadMap is for you.




Take it for a test drive!

  • Determine the overall timeline that works for you.
  • Develop foundational materials for your applications.
  • Define your guiding goals in the three big areas of your life.
  • Discover several key tools for jump-starting or filling out your college list.
  • Create go-to questions for college research, visits, and correspondence.
  • Learn the nuts and bolts of college affordability.
  • Build a resume that grows with experience & opens future doors.
  • Develop your template for explaining to admissions what you bring to the table.
  • Learn how to research merit scholarships & generous schools.
  • Learn the types of questions you should and shouldn’t ask admissions.
  • Establish a personal connection with colleges to show your enthusiasm.
  • Fix up your social media presence for when admissions officials Google you.
  • Fill out your basic applications with step-by-step tips for clarity & peace of mind.
  • Practice making the best possible impression in interviews with alumni & admissions.
  • Finalize your college list with the right balance of Anchor, Target, and Reach schools.
  • Write a personal statement that captures your unique essence.
  • Map out  a week-by-week schedule of tasks that will take you all the way across the finish line.
  • Hit the ground running at the start of senior year, ready to rock application season!

Grab your spot in the CollegeAppRoadMap for these SPECIAL BONUSES:

The Creative Companion to Campus Visits

Are you wondering what to look for during a campus visit? About the questions you should be asking to your hosts? This handy guide breaks down every part of the process, so that you can return home knowing you’ve taken every necessary step during your visits.

The Guerilla Guide to the Top College Research Tools

The Guerilla Guide highlights the top tools available and how to make the best use of them. I’ve put dozens of hours into examining the options, and now you can learn from both my successes and failures — without all the trial and error.

The Pre-Professional's Template Pack

Students will get a series of downloadable, ready-to-use templates for creating the following:

  • a professional resume
  • cover letters to recommendation writers
  • an email template for contacting admissions
Nick's List of Top Alumni Interview Questions

As an alumnus of Northwestern University, I’ve interviewed many prospective students for my alma mater. Here you’ll get my go-to list of questions I love to ask in these interviews, as well as some tips on how to prepare to make the right impression.

Sample College Essays

Find out what other students are writing — and how their essays have gone from good to great.

Audio: The Common App Personal Statement

Listen to real students talk to an expert about tips for writing the Common Application Personal Statement.

Audio: The UC Personal Insight Questions

Find out more about answering the Personal Insight questions on the University of California application in this recorded Q+A session.


Let’s work toward your big goal: gaining acceptance into the perfect-fit college.


Does this course cover special types of applications, like building portfolios for art schools?

While I hope to expand the program in the future, there is currently no in-depth instruction tailored to specific talent-based programs (e.g., violin performance, ceramics, etc.). I’m hoping it’s something I can expand upon next year!

What if my student is a procrastinator? Can this course help?

For any student to benefit, there has to be buy in. Students have to want to stay on top of their college applications by working ahead; they need the attitude of “I’ll get it done as long as someone tells me what I need to be doing, and how I can get it done.”

That said, many of us (not just teenagers) have a tendency to procrastinate…to some degree or other. I have timed this course to culminate at the end of August so that students will have a full two months between the time all modules have been released and the earliest application deadlines.

That’s great news, and here’s why:

  • It alleviates the pressure for students to complete every exercise perfectly the first time around. If students can commit simply to watching the videos as they become available and getting started on the companion worksheets during each module, they’ll find themselves in a much stronger position to follow through come fall. Which leads to the second point…
  • One of our tasks in the very first module is an accountability agreement. Parents and students will mutually sign off on the parameters for their responsibilities, timeline, frequency of check-ins, deadline management, and communication. Students are also encouraged to partner with peers who are also going through this process, with whom they are academically compatible, so they don’t feel like they’re in it alone.
  • Parents get access to the same information that the students do. They’re just as clued in (if not more so) about what needs to be happening when, and how to go about doing it. That alone, for many families, is worth the price of attendance right there!
We're nervous about writing college essays. Can an online program really help?

Absolutely! One of my favorite things about this course format is that we have the gift of time. Module 1 kicks off with writing and reflection exercises that span the entire twelve weeks. Each week, students are asked to set aside a one hour of time (in three 20-minute windows) to do some stream-of-consciousness writing according to a weekly theme.

Students get into the habit of writing a little bit more frequently, over a much longer period of time. As we all know, when left to their own devices, the opposite is usually the case. Weekly themes have been carefully chosen so that by the time we’re wrapping up in August, there is plenty of relevant material to draw from for college applications. MUCH easier than starting from scratch!

Do we get one-on-one time with you, Nick?

While private coaching is not included in the cost of the program, during “office hours” on the Facebook group, students are welcome to upload any writing they’ve been developing for on-the-spot feedback.

RoadMap students receive special discounts for one-on-one work with me. For private coaching, families are welcome to reach out to me separately to book videoconference meetings on an hourly basis.


Once you purchase, you’ll receive a unique username and password for your family to access the course. All modules are digital and the companion worksheets and bonuses are downloadable.

This course includes 30+ videos, direct access to a college admissions expert, helpful guides, and loads of bonuses to ensure that you submit your most outstanding applications to the right schools during senior year.

The coaching, materials, and information contained in this course would ordinarily cost $4,000 – 6,500 for a basic college advisory package.

But one year’s access to the CollegeAppRoadMap membership is just $297!


This is my PROMISE to you.

I am here to help you navigate through your college applications and into the college that’s right for your student. If you change your mind about your investment anytime within the first 10 days, you get a full refund – no questions asked.

But I’m going to take that even further by inviting you to fully participate in CollegeAppRoadMap for 30 days. If your family has completed every assignment and you don’t feel like I have delivered on my promise, I’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

Why? Because I know that if you do the work outlined in the CollegeAppRoadMap, you will absolutely get results. It’s really that simple. If you do the work and don’t get value, then I don’t deserve your money. Period.

Please send all completed homework via email before 11:59 pm PST on the 30th day of membership to qualify for your refund.
I’m only here to help the families I’m well suited for.


$297 One Time
Basic Membership
Full Details

What They’re Saying About Nick

Attending a seminar that Nick presented was the best decision I made in helping my son navigate the college application process with a talent based emphasis. Having successfully ushered my 2 older children into college and graduate school, one with the use of an educational consultant and one without, I approached Nick’s seminar somewhat skeptically. After one hour, my skepticism was cast aside and my enthusiasm mounted as I realized Nick had something very special to offer: credibility and competence!

Nick’s writing expertise and background were of particular interest to me especially knowing that Brendan would have to write more than 15 essays during the process.

Nick proved to be the most valuable asset. Nick is calm, rational, professional, caring, supportive and extremely good at what he does. My best advice is to give yourself and your child the gift of working with Nick. I’ve worked with other consultants and Nick far surpassed them in every way.


I started working with Nick the summer before my senior year, and he has helped me step by step with everything from college research to essay writing. Prior to our work, researching colleges was overwhelming and boring, but he helped me navigate the college websites so I could easily rule out colleges I wasn’t interested in and quickly discover colleges that seemed like the perfect fit.

While working on my personal statement and supplemental essays, Nick asked me precise questions that pinpointed exactly what I was trying to say, so that next thing I knew I had my entire outline set and ready to go! Nick puts 100% of his effort into all every student, even at the end of a full day. If I had felt overwhelmed and stressed just hours before, a meeting with Nick would make me feel prepared and excited to continue my college process.


I met Nick Soper when I first came to Malibu High School. It didn’t take long to realize that Nick would soon become a valuable asset to our school. As the only College Counselor for the entire high school, I rely on trusted counselors to volunteer their time and assist my students in workshops and evening presentations. For the past few years, Nick has been one of my go-to experts.

Nick has provided everything from small workshops to leading a large group parent information session. He creative, resourceful, extremely knowledgeable, and is constantly looking of ways to improve access to information for students and families and always reaching out to make impactful connections. I am grateful for his work and it is clear the students and parents are as well.



$297 One Time
Basic Membership
Full Details